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How is Reiki given?

You are invited to lie on my therapy bed, fully clothed. With your permission, I will place my hands on you, or above you, and direct the Universal energy that is coming through me, to you. There is a set ‘pattern’ that I will follow, going through the seven chakras, although I will also use my intuition and deviate as I feel appropriate. Your body will then use this energy as it needs to.

If you would prefer to be seated, this can be arranged.

What can I expect to feel?

My clients report a range of things, including deep relaxation, heat/warmth, cold/coolness,  tingling, feeling full of joy,  emotional release, seeing colours or simply a feeling of being 'at peace'. ​There is no ‘right’ thing to feel, and all is welcome. Your body will do exactly what it needs to do at that moment in time.

I am very happy to chat through anything that you have experienced, and I love hearing how my clients experience the magic of Reiki differently!

Is there anything I need to do after my session?

After your treatment, your body will process the changes in energy that has happened and you may feel relaxed and sleepy, or calm and energised!  Ideally, you will need to drink lots of water to help eliminate any toxins that have been released, and if possible avoid alcohol the evening of your treatment. If you have anything that comes to you after your treatment that you would like to talk through, please do contact me.

How many sessions will I need?

This is entirely up to you. It can be beneficial to initially have a few weekly sessions, then moving on to monthly sessions to rebalance and restore, but I am very much guided by my clients and what they feel is best for them individually.

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