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Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki

I was introduced to this type of Reiki by my son's partner Emma. She was training in it, and wanted to practice (I'm all for supporting practitioners learning and developing their skills and confidence!).

I will confess that I was a little sceptical about this 'upgrade' that was channelled by William Rand (an American Reiki Master), but I was absolutely blown away by how gentle and yet powerful this Reiki 'upgrade' is, and I knew that I needed to add it to my offerings. The energy is gentle, compassionate, a pleasure to work with and it comes straight from Source to you rather than using me as a vessel. 

William Rand was also gifted 'Holy Fire III Experiences', which offer another dimension of healing. Each experience is specific to an issue or area that needs support. I guide you and 'open a portal' that allows Holy Fire Reiki to do it's magic and healing.

NB: Please do not be put off by the 'Holy' part of this Reiki. The concept of 'heavenly' and 'holy' are merely terms that refer to different dimensions. For me, I understand and relate to 'Source' or 'The Creator'. It is simply semantics!

Holy Love I Experience

Divine Love is in all of us, and is a more refined (and has a higher consciousness) than human love. It is a feeling of being loved and cared for by a kind and wonderful energy. When you are connected, with intent, to this energy it  enhances your ability to love yourself and show kindness and compassion to yourself.

This experience soothes, relaxes, nurtures and heals very deeply.

Holy Love III Experience

This experience takes you back to the time of conception, gestation, birth and post-birth, including things that were going on between and with your parents, ancestral issues, experience in the womb, and birth trauma. You may or may not be aware of what has happened and needs healing, and similarly you may or may not be aware of the healing that has happened, but deep healing will have occurred.

Holy Love II Experience

This experience scans your timeline, in this life, to find the most important experience that needs healing to help to improve your health and well-being. This could be physical, emotional or psychological. It then works with the aspects of your personality and the energies involved, to heal the issue.

You don't need to be aware of the issue, the experience will do it all for you.

Holy Love IV Experience

This Experience will evaluate where you are at within yourself, and provide the type of energy and experience that is appropriate to heal. If you are on a spiritual or self development path, this Experience will take you to the next level of your development or your spiritual path. It works deeply withing the subconscious mind, below your level of awareness, and therefore the benefits can take hours or even days to be fully felt.

Ocean of Holy Love Experience

The Ocean of Holy Love is an ocean of liquid light that contains many colours and frequencies which provide healing for a wide range of conditions and issues. It is a very soothing experience that feels wonderful and empowers and protects. As with all these guided meditation experiences, some people have visual experiences or feel the energy flow within, and for some the experiences will take place mostly in the unconscious parts of the mind while they remainin a state of calm peace.

Heavenly Banquet Hall Experience

This Experience guides you to the Heavenly Banquet Hall, which exists in the third Heaven and is a place of huge Spiritual nourishments.

Holy Fire Healing Experience

This Experience works on a specific issue or to empower a goal and is deeply healing. The higher frequencies that are used are more powerful and effective than hose used in regular Reiki sessions. It removes negative energies in the physical body, aura and chakras, and works to help release any blocks that you choose. This can empower a goal, remove negative attitudes and negative feelings that have been blocking the goals.

This is s a slightly longer healing.

Spirit Attachment Healing

This is NOT something to be concerned or afraid about!

If you feel that you are behaving in ways that aren't 'normal' for you, or you feel that negative things keep on happening to you, it could be that you have a Spirit attached to you. It happens to the majority of us, and isn't anything unusual.

If you think this is the case for you, I can help release it from you, with love. It is a gentle, compassionate healing that is very effective. I am happy to chat about this as I appreciate that it can feel daunting, but it really isn't.


All of these experiences can be completed in 1:1 sessions, or in groups.

They can all also be done from a distance through Distance Healing.

All experiences are followed with half an hour Reiki (either hands on or from a distance)

You can do them all, or pick and choose. However it is suggested that you start with

Holy Love I Experience as it is a gentle and compassionate healing.

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